Will Davis

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Cobble Cobble

Will Davis is an Aboriginal man from the Cobble Cobble people of Queensland, a Murri.  He comes from a strong line of quiet achieving people.  He has learnt Aboriginal ways from closely and humbly observing his elders, his father, uncles and other significant people in his community. In all of his work, he respectfully acknowledges his people throughout Australia, both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Will has experience as a teacher, community worker, University lecturer and tutor.  He is a proud participant and founding member of community Durithunga - an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander independent education group that strives for Indigenous cultural integrity and equality for jarjums.  

Will is currently undertaking a PhD in developing a cultural strengths curriculum and research methodology using Indigenous Knowledge principles and community developed and owned practices and processes.  He is extending the research work accumulated over many years of education and community practice including a Master's thesis on 'Spear Making' which revitalised an important practice as a learning program integrating knowledge coding, collective and individual assessment through tracking, reflecting and presenting that knowledge journey.  

Despite his aging body, Will plans on playing cricket till at least 50 and has been a frequent member of the Queensland Imparja Cup team that has won more national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cricket titles than any other state.


Deanne Viellaris

Position: Operations Officer
Mamu/Yadinji/Daraji tribal group


 I am very passionate about the work I have done within Aboriginal communities, especially working with women, children and families in the areas of Child Protection and Domestic Violence.

I love my role here at BHDC, it enables me to continue to work with my people in community. We are in an exciting phase of community development, and I am honoured to be a part of it.


Carrie Hardy

My name is Carrie Hardy. I have lived in Beenleigh’s surrounding areas for the past 10 years with my 2 children. Life has sent me down many different roads but I am glad it has let me travel to being part of Beenleigh Housing & Development Company’s family. I have worked for BHDC for close to two years and am looking forward to being able to continue to learn and grow within this supportive and caring community.






My name is Maxine Hilt. I belong to the Gungarri Tribe in South-West of Queensland. I have travelled and lived in many different towns across a few states. No matter where I go, I always came back to Beenleigh.

It has been a tremendous privilege to grow up in this community. It has been a community that has provided my mother and myself with many opportunities when we were in need.

Now, an adult and with some children of my own, I hope that I can provide the same support and strength to my community and future Jarjums.'

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