Our services have markedly changed in recent years but housing and community development is at our heart. BHDC services are about supporting community members and particularly as we plan and implement our community strategic direction of the hub – jinndi mibunn. Many of our activities are not funded but volunteer driven.

Please note that like many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing organisations in Queensland who are not remote it has been a long and lonely road regarding support from governments. After close to 30 years however, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community housing need is not going away – we do our best to support our community through facilitating and supporting what we can and maintaining our people in homes. Our member families are long term. We want to ramp up Beenleigh Housing through the development of the hub so that we can offer the same to new families.

Our main focus is currently supporting our long-term members.

We do have an open door policy with our community so, with little funding, we assist in facilitating housing support – no job is too small but we only take on what we can.
To support and develop our community we provide volunteer cultural strengths activities that have emerged from a series of annual yarns - community thinking or Kungullangi. These activities include:-

- Elders Group                                             - Murriland                                     
- Mens Group                                              - Family Group
- Womens Group                                        - Young Men's Group
- Language Program for Schools
- Playgroup, Mums and Bubs

We know there is a need in our community for more homes and programs being led by Indigenous principles and people. As Beenleigh’s oldest housing and development organisation we know we have the experience and wisdom within our membership and friends to do this.

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