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LJM 8900 2NAIDOC is an important part of our Murri Ailan community calendar. As the major Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation in the local area we are proud to support NAIDOC locally.

Although we are a small in number compared to some of the larger communities, we have a strong community base with a vast array of talents, and a vision of continual community grounding, revitalisation and connection. We believe that we work from a cultural strength basis and believe in the need for a community based NAIDOC from and for our community. We believe that our NAIDOC should be a family and friends fun day of recognition, where we connect with one another and strengthen our community.

DSC 2498 2Why do NAIDOC

The driving force of this NAIDOC group has emerged from a group of like-minded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have meet regularly this year in a volunteer capacity. This group of women all identified that our area has limited NAIDOC celebrations outside of schools and similar institutions.

BHDC was approached by Aunty Robyn Williams to assist with NAIDOC development. BHDC gladly accepted that invitation to add and grow a local NAIDOC which would value add to its members and their associated families.

We want people to come together because they want to:

  • connect with Elders and other families
  • enjoy each other’s company
  • learn from other Indigenous people skills that can strengthen themselves and share within their families
  • show and grow the community with connection

NAIDOC 2016 activities included:

  • Welcome and yarn
  • Olympics (fun and games)
  • Language (learn a phrase)
  • Making (weaving, painting)
  • Family photos
  • Lunch

Photos from the day can be viewed in the gallery.

Women's Group

BHDC Women's group is held monthly at the BHDC office space.  This women's gathering in our members group allows us to meet and discuss the vision for the community through Kungullanji Yarning.  It provides us with an opportunity to build new and existing relationships and identify needs within in community.  It is a cultural exchange with many of our members coming from different regions throughout Australia, providing cultural diversity and strength.  An activity is provided at the end of the session with future activities to include: relaxation techniques, art and crafts, healthy lifestyle (cooking), computer and internet sessions.  

[Note: Photo to come]

Men's Group

BHDC Men’s group is held weekly at the BHDC office space.  Mens Group sometimes meets on weekends and assists the community with events and odd jobs and needs when they arise and in partnership with our families.  The Mens Group allows men to yarn the vision, future and other community issues through Kungullanji Yarning.  Mens Group involves yarning and doing in a strong Indigenous space.  We speak and practice our culture and community – aligned with our Elders Principles and invariably Womens group – after all we are a community.  The purpose of our group is to connect and build strength as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

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