BHDC is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that strives to support, enhance and transform the lives of its members in culturally supportive and regenerative ways. BHDC was established in 1994 as a not-for-profit, registered charity holding Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) registration with the Australian Taxation Office.

BHDC is centred upon a strong community-based movement aligned with Indigenous ways of knowing and Indigenous ways of doing. This has its roots firmly with local leaders and Elders who paved the way for our organisation to house and develop our community – local Yugambeh people and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who call this country home. Our ways of knowing and doing has established a vision for our community based on our urgent need for sustainable housing that will provide homes for our people.


Our community’s families provide us with a density of maturity and leadership of considerable significant cultural strength. In 2015 our Elders took steps to formalise an Elders Group after decades of mis representation and being ignored. Our Elders group met last year for a series of yarns out of which has emerged our Elder Principles. These yarns have been pivotal in providing leadership and support for BHDC as we strive to support our community and build a better future for our people. For BHDC – situated in an urban area where we have been isolated in policy and support our strength has come from within our Indigenous community. The following is the first Elders Principle -

Respect is a central part of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. For the BHDC Elders Group, we make and mark respect as our centre.

We all come from country, and many of us from different country but call Yugambeh home. We have our own stories and connection; we always refer back to these to teach respect.

Through Yugambeh country we feel respect guiding us. It is our centre principle for how we are as a people. Everything stems from respect. As Elders and with guidance for our present and future community here in Beenleigh we say respect is our centre, our way.

Jinndi Mibunn

Our vision is based on the concept of Jinndi Mibunn or the nest of eagle. The eagle’s nest is a shelter that provides nourishment and protection. It is a place of care that comes from the local land. The young that are nurtured in this nest will always be connected to this land. Their future relies on the quality of the nest.

In our country, the future of Indigenous people and our culture also relies on the quality of the nest.

Like the eagle, we hope to use the land to build a local nest for our young. We want to connect our young to the land and the opportunities that exist within this place. We want to nourish, protect and find sustainable futures for our young.

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